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    1. Equipment

      Casix uses sophisticated x-ray diffraction equipment to maintain precision from the first cut through final products.?Our in-house test center is equipped with advanced metrology instruments including:

      Digital interferometer Zygo

      • Inspection of wavefront distortion
      • Surface Figure
      • Deflect Angle and Parallelism
      Digital interferometer Zygo


      • Inspection of =/-EFL, FFL and BFL
      • Radii of Curvature
      • Center Error (transmission and reflection)

      Nikon profile projector

      • Inspection of dimension and dimension profiles
      Nikon profile projector

      High precision angle meter




      X-ray goniometer


      Lambda900 Spectrophotometer

      • Inspection of transmission, absorption and optical density
      • Reflectivity Concentration of Doped Particles
      Lambda900 Spectrophotometer

      IL tester


      Optical spectrum analyzer,?etc.