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    1. Glass Substrates

      Custom Clear Fused Quartz glass substrates and components are precision drawn for use in fiber optic application and/or component packaging, and can be manufactured to customer specifications. Typical applications include fused coupler packaging for fiber support and/or alignment purposed, or for isolating fiber within the package. Very tight tolerances are achieved by VitroCom’s proprietary technologies and processes. Our expertise in manufacturing non-circular and irregular configurations are shown on this page.

      glass glass

      A=Maximum Width of Groove ± Tolerance
      B=Minimum Width of Groove ± Tolerance
      C=Overall Diameter ± Tolerance
      D=Length of Piece ± Tolerance
      E=Depth of Groove ± Tolerance
      F=Distance between Bottom of Groove
      G=Major Axis of Outer Piece ± Tolerance
      H=Minor Axis of Outer Piece ± Tolerance
      I=Angle Specifications (max/min)

      NOTE 1: Specify shape requirements such as full-radiused, parallel sides, right angle sides, tapered, etc.

      Also include:


      Please contact us for a substrates custom quote.

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