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    1. News

      Read news, articles and reports related to Casix.

      News Updates

      March 28, 2018
      Casix now produce high precision Axicons
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      February 02, 2018
      CASIX just received IATF16949:2016 cerficate as the enclosed
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      February 12, 2015
      At present, CASIX has been setting up the production line to build aspherical lenses internally which is fabricated by Satisloh CNC machine manufactured in Germany. Detail information can be found as attachment.
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      February 12, 2015
      New catalog publish.
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      January 19, 2011
      Casix Expands Optic Laser Coating Capabilities New VEECO and Optorun Coating Machines. Adding Precision and Volume to Coating Processes for High Power Laser Components
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      April 01, 2010
      Casix announced the provision of diffusion bonding crystals.?These crystals consist of two, three or more parts with different dopant levels or different dopants.
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      September 23, 2009
      Casix announces the manufacturing of RGB prism which is used in display projection systems, laser tvs, etc.
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      May 31, 2009
      Casix achieves OSHA's 18001 qualification.
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      March 12, 2009
      Casix achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification.
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      January 01, 2009
      Casix opens European sales office.
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      News Releases

      September 18, 2007
      Casix Doubles High Quality Crystal Production Capacity: Targets Laser and Telecom Applications Requiring High Grade Crystals
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